Fishing Information

ANGLERS!! FREE FISHING DAY Utah 2012 is  already passed this year.  For more information about Utah fishing, click here

OKAY! So it's not a nice trout from Navajo Lake. But it's got tuna and roe, and it's from Samurai 21 in St. George.

Utah Fishing Spots

KIDS POND, NEAR SUU CABIN, HIGHWAY 14 at about the 8 mile mark

LAKE POWELL is definitely one of the best spots in the world, period, for fishing, boating, sunning, painting, daydreaming....  Lists record fish catch information

  Fishing guide for Lake Powell rec area.


  NAVAJO LAKE Information about the lodge and fishing found here.

There has been a breach in the Navajo Lake berm and water is draining out of the lake.


Yours truly at PINE LAKE, in Garfield county. Take highway 12 to the Bryce Canyon National Park turn and go north instead of south. Follow the signs to Pine Lake reservior and campground. Dam was renovated 2012. Good fishing, canoeing, and fun!

ATV trails throughout the area.

                                                                                     MYSTIC RIVER FAMILY FISHING


Stocked trout pond. Great family spot! Zipline through the trees over the river. $39