Recreational Activities

Welcome to the Mountain! I'm not sure whether or not hiking in to see cabins in knee high snow is recreation or not but we sure have fun. Left, Kris Kuhlman and Virginia in Swains Creek.

Listed below, in no particular order, you will find stuff to do that's fun in the Southern Utah area.

CANOEING, kayaking, boating, and riding pwcs....Utah has plenty of places to enjoy the water. Left, Pine Lake reservior just north of Bryce Canyon National Park.


'The Wave" Coyote Buttes Left, Virginia and a group of friends hiked to the Wave, 2006. About a three hour hike, well worth it!

HOT SPRINGS! Haven't gotten to check any Utah hot springs out yet! Here's what I found, if you have any info, review, or pics please contact me.

ZIPLINES, fishing and stuffing your face. I've not checked this place out, but drive by all the time and the online reviews sound good. Mystic River fishing and fun spot, highway 89 just north of Glendale.